dean is a waiter who works high end events and is always sneaking the hors d’oeuvres when he thinks no one is watching. cas is a rich business man attending a gala and is bored out of his mind, catches dean in the act.

when dean sees one of the guests approaching him, he’s terrified that cas will rat him out but instead cas makes a lame joke and they end up talking. eventually they sneak away from the party with the rest of the mini quiches. 

Hey! What about a/b/o au where omega!cas gets really needy during his heats and one month it hits him unexpectedly hard while his alpha, Dean, is at work. In a haze of need and desperation, Cas gets to Dean’s work (i don’t mind how c:) and then surprised, needy heat sex ensues! Thank you so much


The door slamming open freaked the shit out of Dean causing
him to jump in his chair and look up to the opening, startled.

“Jesus fucking Christ, Cas, what the fuck are you doing?”
the Alpha roared at his mate who was marching his way over to the Alpha. On
closer, inspection he noticed how ragged Cas looked, his hair dishevelled,
clothes half falling off his body. It was clear as the Omega spun Dean’s chair
and slipped into his lap, sniffing at Dean’s neck that his Omega was in heat.

“Need you, now,” Cas growled out.

“Yeah, fuck,” Dean groaned as his mate’s scent assaulted his
nostrils. He clung hard onto the Omega’s hips as he started to rut against him,
his cock already hard and pressing into Dean’s stomach as he rocked, while his
slacks were already soaked through causing Dean’s own pants to become damp.

“Clothes,” Dean gasped, “Lose your clothes.” It was then
that he realised that the door was still wide open, his assistant, Becky
staring through the open door with wide eyes. “Close the fucking door!” Dean
yelled at her startling her and making her jump into action. Dean would make it
up to her later but for now he had a lap full of needy Omega that he had to

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au request: paleontologist dean + feral scientist/dinosaur-whisperer cas (jurassic park au)

guys this one is my favorite

“So you’re a—“

“I believe the correct term is dinosaur whisperer,” says Castiel. The tiniest edge of a smile tugs at the corner of his lips, and he strokes the top of the diplodocus’s head, maybe out of idle habit, maybe to comfort the beast. Dean has no fucking clue. When Cas—mysterious, quirky, earnest Cas—had told him he had something more interesting than old, dusty bones to show him, Dean had had something very different in mind.

Castiel cocks his head to one side. “Are you alright, Dean?” he asks. “I did tell you I had something unusual you might be interested in.”

Cas looks so far away astride the dinosaur’s neck. Dean scrambles into a standing position—and nope, that doesn’t help, because he’s still trying to reach eye level with a fucking dinosaur.

“Sorry man, it’s just a little hard to keep my cool when the hot guy I was chatting up swoops in with an extinct goddamn species.” And maybe Dean is aiming for flippant, but he can’t keep the quaver from his voice. This shit is epic. This shit is… well, it’s out of his league, whatever it is.

But seated on the diplodocus, miles (or yards, or feet, or maybe Dean isn’t sure, he just knows it’s far) above him, Castiel lights up. He runs his hand through his hair and his smile widens.

“You think I’m hot?”

congrats 4 going 2 sleep msg: cas spread out on the motel bed, eyes closed and hands fisting the sheets. he’s breathing as quietly as possible so he can hear every wet lick and slurp coming from where dean is kneeling on the floor, one hand gripping cas’ hip to keep him still, the other pulling cas’ blue thong to the side so he can rim him within an inch of his life ( ?° ?? ?°) cas’ cock is making a mess of his thong but he doesn’t care; one awestruck look down at dean and he’s coming untouched.


this is what i have to put up with, this is an outrage


your hand in mine

Rating: E

Dean/Cas, 4k

Square: B4 – Under a spell

Tags: AU, succubus!Dean, witch!Cas, friends to lovers, hand holding, bed sharing, first time

Summary: A spell gone wrong forces Dean and Cas to keep in physical contact. Easier said than done, when one of them is a succubus as well as madly and secretly in love with his best friend.

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Written for the @destielsmutbingo 2018.

A Christmas Moment


(on ao3)

Dean lifted one side of the oversized plaid
blanket and gestured imperiously at his boyfriend. “Get in here, babe.
Come warm me up.”

Cas squinted at him in mock confusion. “You’re three feet away from a roaring fire, Dean. Aren’t you warm enough already?”

“No fire can snuggle me as nice as you can, sweetheart. C’mon, get over here. You can bring your hot chocolate with you.”

The angel grinned and cuddled up against him, placing his mug on a nearby side table.

were nestled together on an overstuffed couch in the study, a side room
that opened off of the library. Sam and Dean had lived in the Bunker
for years before they’d even discovered the room. It was a snug, formal
den, accessed through a door that was tucked into a dark corner of the
library’s bookshelves. Meant for entertaining the Men of Letters’ most
distinguished guests, the room was paneled in dark wood, and had as its
focus a large fireplace capped with a white marble mantelpiece.

had fixed the study up especially for their Christmas celebrations this
year. He’d spared no effort or expense in polishing, trimming, and
decorating. Tinsel garlands dipped and sparkled their way along the
wainscoting. A dozen stockings were hung above the fireplace, each
bearing a different name carefully written out in glitter glue. A lush
Douglas fir stood in one corner, loaded almost to the point of collapse
with every sort of bauble and ornament the Lebanon Wal-Mart had to

The room had been the scene of maximum holiday joy and
bustle today, but it was quiet now, and they were finally alone. The
walls reflected the soft glow of the fire back at them. The only other
light came from the twinkling decorations on their tree.

“Did you have a good Christmas?” Dean murmured now against his boyfriend’s temple.

Cas hummed and smiled, closing his eyes. “Yes, love, I did. Thank you for everything.”

“What was your favorite part of the day?”

“Well… It was wonderful seeing everyone.”

“Yeah, it was great to have the place full of family.”

“And the food was amazing.”

“‘Course it was. I make a mean eight-course dinner.”

“And I really like my presents.”

“I’m glad. I like all of mine, too.”

“But I think this is my favorite part. This, right now.”

“Mmm. Yeah, this is pretty freakin’ great.”

“Merry Christmas, Dean.”

“Merry Christmas, Cas. Love you.”

“I love you, too.”

This soft little ficlet is a gift for the 2018 advent calendar on the Destiel NaNoWriMo group on Facebook.




The monster daddy reaches for his son and pulls him back out of the path of Castiel’s approach. Sam’s checked them out already. They’re positive no one in this family eats people to stay alive and that none of them are an actual threat. They’re not here to kill anyone, but the case is related and they’ve gotta check ‘em out.

In dad’s eyes, though, these three, towering men present the biggest threat he’s ever come up against. As sure as he is that he’s done nothing wrong, with Sam, Dean, and Cas crowding into his apartment, it almost feels as if he has.

“Keep away,” he says low in his child’s ear as Cas approaches, “He’s a Winchester,” it comes out sounding like a curse, “you get close, he’ll hurt you.”

Cas stops a measured distance away and holsters his blade. “We’ve just got some questions,” he pulls his coat over his pockets and keeps his hands at his sides.

They go on with questioning both the boy and his father and then leave in peace.

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Imagine Cas…


running a personal soft porn blog on Tumblr. It’s mostly photos of himself in lacy panties, his face always cropped out, of course. He didn’t want to get famous from his blog, but he loved all the positive comments, especially from a particular account called impala-through-the-night. He loved the body and sexuality positivity strangers online could give him, and it made him feel better about himself as a person, even if that was a little pathetic. But then one day all his posts started getting taken down, even though they were barely nsfw, because Tumblr decided it wanted to throw a tantrum.

Now imagine Cas getting a message from impala-through-the-night asking if there was another site he posted his photos to, like Instagram or Patreon. Cas getting really excited, thrilled to think someone actually likes his photos that much, and messaging back to thank them and say he’s never posted his photos anywhere else, but he’d love to keep posting as long as someone wanted to keep seeing them. 

Dean/Cas, Athenian Philosopher AU




Like so many of their peers, they do their best thinking with a good jug of wine passed around, watered down by the servants at intervals, and in the company of many great scholars. This night of academic rivalries and debates ends as their friends are sent home and only Dean and Castiel remain. Dean’s mind is too open, for he does not see the harm, anymore, in this state, in coming up close to Castiel pressing his precious, well-admired face between his hot palms, tasting the wine on his wet lips.

Castiel as an extremely goodlooking Socrates and Dean as an Alcibiades who isn’t an immature self-aggrandizing douchebag… 

Someone needs to make Greek vase style art for this

#tumblr x tinyfic otp  #dean x castiel otp  #dean spending the evening lying on a couch  #being fed by the dancing girls  #castiel knowing that dean is too old now to submit to another man  #dean is the first to admit he’s not a philosopher  #but when he lazily throws in his contributions  #castiel can see the razor sharp mind of athens’ youngest general  #who has saved the city from the persians  #dean knows his other friends believe he spends too much time  #with these abstract contemplators  #but castiel’s gentle probing  #questioning everything  #is what keeps him moral and sane  #castiel has spent all evening #believing dean would take one of the girls  #or leave to find his friends in the gymnasium  #and instead here he is in the empty dining room  #all that beauty is castiel’s for this evening  #and in the morning  #or as homer says  #the rosy-fingered dawn  #he thinks to himself that he needs to recalibrate his philosophy #the ideal is not an abstract  #here is ho kalos k’agathos  #the beautiful and the good 

Apologies to archeologists and the greek art world

I couldn’t resist a quick manip


It’s been a supremely shitty day at the end of a truly grueling hunt. Dean can tell that Cas is having a hard time getting out of his own head and letting it go – what he should have done differently, how he could have done better… Dean’s been there. He knows how much it sucks to get stuck in a brain loop, endlessly second-guessing yourself over shit you can’t change. So he takes the opportunity to offer his boyfriend a little healthy distraction.

ABCs of Destiel Porn – C is for Cowboy – tricia_16

ABCs of Destiel Porn – C is for Cowboy – tricia_16


i have so many emotions about dean and cas going on a camping trip  together and the roadtrip getting there

  • dean teaching cas all his favorite songs
  • cas smiling at dean’s offkey singing
  • babes stopping at the farmer’s stand on the side of the road to get peaches
  • dean kissing peach juice off of cas’ pink lips!!!
  • cas using his fancy iphone that sam got him to navigate them
  • dean insisting that they stop at the store that sells only cheese so they can try every sample
  • cas convincing dean to pull off on a dirt road so they can explore an old barn and maybe give each other bj’s
  • dean grumbling when a tree scrapes the top of the impala on the long and windy road to the river
  • cas kissing the corner of his mouth until he’s not grumpy anymore
  • both of them acting so coupley that the nice old lady at the camping ground gives them the honeymoon discount
  • dean finding them a spot right by the river that’s canopied by beautiful oaks and and hickories and black walnut trees
  • cas bolting out of the car before it’s even stopped to race down to the river like a little kid
  • dean following his angel down to the riverbank with a smile on his face because cas looks so damn peaceful standing barefoot in the shallows
  • the two of them standing back to chest as the river runs around their ankles until dean reminds cas that they still need to set up their camp before it gets dark
  • dean insisting he can put the tent up by himself but changing his mind when one very angry tent pole smacks him in the head
  • cas trying not to laugh at the red mark or the grimace on dean’s face but failing miserably
  • dean and cas meeting and befriending the southern man who owns the general store where they buy s’more materials while their air mattress blows up
  • dean leading the way back to camp while benny gives cas and the blown up mattress a ride in the back his old truck
  • benny winking at the couple as he drives back up the dirt path to the general store
  • dean and cas giving each other handjobs on their freshly made up bed to christen the tent
  • dean slipping out of the tent while cas dozes so he can go find some firewood for their campfire
  • only to come back and see cas skinny dipping in the middle of the river in the light of the setting sun
  • dean feeling his heart get all fluttery when cas comes out of the river soaking wet, tan skin shining beautifully in the fading sunlight and gorgeous blue eyes locked on him
  • dean and cas momentarily abandoning the whole campfire idea in lieu of cas fucking dean slow and sweet on their mattress so they don’t accidentally pop it
  • dean and cas building the fire together and snuggling against each other on their loveseat fold out chair
  • dean kissing the marshmallow goo off of cas’ lips
  • cas pulling a sleepy dean into their sleeping bag and spooning up behind him
  • dean falling asleep to the sound of crickets and cicadas chirping in the night and with the warmth of cas at his back

The Trellis


read it on the AO3 at


John used to joke that he’d already done all the work to ensure that Dean’s future wife would be able to sneak into his room undetected.

Save one minor detail, John was right.

Castiel Novak climbed the trellis for the first time when he was seven years old.

Words: 1871, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

Dean and Cas can both be idiots, so they fuck more than they talk and they communicate more through actions than words. Dean doesn’t say, “I love you” but he makes breakfast for Cas and he tangles their fingers together when they’re falling asleep. Cas doesn’t say, “I love you” but he holds Dean when nightmares of Hell crash over him and he lets Dean watch Dr Sexy M.D. without teasing. They don’t always say it. But they always, always, show it.


yess these two are so bad at actual words that they use their actions. i always figured they’d be the type to fuck it out if they’re angry… and to be tender if they want to say “i love you” without, y’know, saying it at all

some fluff for you: dean and cas holding each other’s waists as they kiss, pulling each other closer during their first dance as husbands. then later when they’re tired and sated, they lay curled up together and fall asleep with the words “mr. and mr. winchester” on their lips.


asldkfjl dean is such a possessive dork, he loves calling cas his husband and mr. winchester. he just can’t stop. and cas is possessive in his won way, initiating as many touches as he can, because he knows dean likes it but won’t ever admit to it or ask for a hug…


And then, when you finally give yourself permission to be happy and let the sun shine on your face, that’s when I’ll come. 

Castiel has never been happy.

That’s not something he used to think about. Before his flight from heaven, he didn’t consider himself either happy or unhappy. He merely was. In the years after, he didn’t have the luxury of contemplating his happiness, too busy going from one fight to the next.

He’s had his moments of joy, of course. Most of them with the Winchesters. Most of them with Dean.

It wasn’t until that horrible promise from the Empty that Castiel considered happiness a possibility for himself. One that would now spell his doom.

But not anymore. The Empty has been locked away and Castiel is free. Free to pursue happiness, if he wants it. And for the first time in his existence, Castiel knows what it might look like.

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Prompt: Dean moves into a duplex and his new downstairs neighbor has a huge garden that Dean is DESPERATE to get at so he can cook with all those fresh veggies. But his neighbor never seems to be at home so he can get permission …. So Dean has to come up with another way to communicate. Maybe he leaves notes? Maybe he tracks the guy’s car? Any way, the more Dean learns about his new neighbor with the green thumb, the more interested he is.


Thank you for the prompt! It was so lovely, but the story I came up with is such a mess! I hope you like it anyway.

Dean gives a hum of satisfaction. The sauce is almost perfect. Almost, the one thing that would make it even better is fresh cilantro. He sighs and takes a look out of the window. He can see his neighbor’s garden, a spot of bright green, little piece of paradise. Dean knows there’s cilantro somewhere in there because he’s been spying over the fence many times. He admires and envies his neighbor’s green thumb because he’s unable to keep a cactus alive. He often dreams about all the things he could cook with fresh herbs and vegetables like those he’s seen growing on that little patch of soil that’s so close but out of his reach.

He eats another spoonful of the sauce and grunts. He has to try.

He knocks on the door even though he knows the chance that his neighbor is at home is small. Dean moved months ago and he hasn’t seen the guy yet. As expected, there’s no response to his knocking. Disappointed Dean returns to his own door, but the thought of a perfect meal is too strong. Maybe if he finds out there’s actually no cilantro in the garden, he will be able to forget about it. He walks over his own backyard to the fence. Green sprouts are reaching through it as if to greet him. He reaches out and rubs a mint leaf between his fingers taking a deep breath to appreciate the smell. It doesn’t take him long to see the right shape of leaves. There it is right between the mint and basil.

Dean knows he should turn and walk away. He can try to catch his neighbor at home later. He almost forces himself to leave the plant alone. Almost.

He reaches through the pickets and snatches a few sprigs.

The sauce is amazing with the added cilantro but its taste turns bitter in Dean’s mouth because of the guilt he feels when he thinks about how he obtained it. It’s silly, he knows. The guy next door won’t miss a few sprigs. From the look of it, he doesn’t even use the herbs he grows. He probably doesn’t even cook if he’s not home most of the time. That gives Dean an idea.

He packs a generous portion of the sauce and rice into Tupperware and writes a note.

I took a bit of cilantro from your garden through the fence. Please take this as payment. Dean-your next door neighbor

He leaves it in front of the door for his neighbor and feels much better.

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Cogitationes Publicae


Read it on AO3 here!


While organising a store room in the bunker, Dean accidentally breaks a potion bottle, and the contents leave him with no internal monologue. What secrets will be revealed when all his thoughts are laid bare?

Written for the Destiel Smut Bingo. Square fill: Consequence of a truth serum/spell

Words: 1943, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 7 of Destiel Smut Bingo 2018


None of this Meant-To-Be Crap – whichstiel – Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]

None of this Meant-To-Be Crap – whichstiel – Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]



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It’s snowing. Everything is soft.

Words: 845, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at



content: Castiel
is eager to offer Dean a massage. But things don’t turn out as

word count: 1.2k



“Yeah, Cas?”

“Would you like for me
to give you a massage?”

Dean looks up from his
phone and blinks a few times, seriously not prepared for that kind of
question, before eventually an amused smile spreads over his
features. “You wanna give me a massage?”

Castiel nods. “I did a
lot of research,” he explains, looking so adorably serious that
Dean’s heart can’t help but clench at the sight. “Many websites
suggested massages to increase intimacy between romantically involved
couples and I have to admit it made a lot of sense.”

“So you did your
research,” Dean repeats, chuckling.


Dean doesn’t even
hesitate to lean forward and press a quick kiss onto Castiel’s lips.
“How could I say no to such dedication then?”

Castiel starts to frown
at that. “Please don’t feel obligated to humor me –”

“Cas, c’mon,” Dean
cuts right in, laughing. “You and me, in our room, by ourselves,
with your hands all over me? That sounds like a dream come true.”

Castiel looks very
pleased by that and soon enough they find themselves in their room,
Dean hurrying to get rid off his shirt while Castiel pulls some
massage oil out of his drawer, apparently already stashed there for
future use. Dean smiles at his cute boy scout as he scrambles onto
the bed and lays down on his stomach, more than eager for what is
about to come.

And Castiel doesn’t wait

No, he goes to freaking
town right away.

Unfortunately, not in the
sensual and sexual manner that Dean expected.

The hunter anticipated
warm and oily hands gliding over his skin, just at the right places,
making him tingly and relaxed all at once. Contact and touch,
softness on the verge of becoming more.

But instead, Castiel
buries his fingers so deep into Dean’s upper back, where no other
person’s ever gone before, and rubs at muscles that have been cramped
since his fucking teenage years, resulting in an unexpected stream of
pain which makes him yelp and immediately flinch away from the touch.

“Cas, what the hell?”
he growls, turning around to look the angel in the face.

Castiel, though, seems
highly puzzled by Dean’s reaction. “I’m giving you a massage?” He
doesn’t appear all too sure now.

“Yeah, well …” Dean
sighs, rotating his free shoulder a bit to counteract the ache. “It
actually feels like you wanna break me in half.”

Castiel tilts his head.
“I assure you I don’t mean to hurt you –”

“I know that,” Dean
hurries to interject, rolling his eyes. “It’s just that …” He
heaves a deep breath. “Cas, man, I think you went a bit overboard
with your research. There are different kinds of massages, y’know?”

Castiel squints his eyes,
appearing very much like someone who indeed does not know.

“There are the proper
ones,” Dean explains. “The ones your physical therapist gives you
when you have a bad back or something. To lose up the muscles and

Castiel nods in
agreement, making it perfectly clear that that has been the sort of
massage he got himself accustomed to.

“But couples, like you
and me …” He points back and forth between them, smiling
crookedly. “We usually don’t go all the way, y’know? I mean, you
need a lot of medical know-how for a real massage anyway, so it’s
never a good idea to begin with. But people like you and me – it’s
all about feeling good. About touching each other. Maybe
groping a little. Getting intimate and stuff.” He shrugs his
shoulders. “It’s more like a lighter and more personal version of a
proper massage.”

Castiel falls silent
after that for a minute, probably wrapping his head around Dean’s
words with a determination only the angel is able to muster, before
finally his features soften. “I apologize for getting this wrong.”

“No, no, don’t
apologize,” Dean is quick to cut in. “You did nothing wrong.”

“After I learned about
massages used as a way to build intimacy the most prominent material
I found was about the ‘proper ones’,” Castiel says, using his
famous air-quotes which always make him look extra cute. “And all
the texts indicated that the people felt very good after these kind
of massages, so I figured it to be the right way to make you feel
like that too.”

Dean’s heart swells at
least ten sizes and he can’t help leaning in and kissing those pouty
lips. He’s not really sure what he did to deserve someone as amazing
as Castiel, but he swore himself a long time ago he would never take
it for granted.

“I obviously wasted my
time with that research,” Castiel concludes, sighing. “I’m sorry
for misunderstanding.”

“Please don’t –”

“Just lay down again,
Dean,” he insists. “I will do it right this time.”

And damn, now Dean feels
like an asshole.

Castiel just wanted to do
something nice for the hunter and apparently put a lot of effort into
it. Knowing him he probably even took some online anatomy classes
just for this very purpose. Castiel is not known for doing anything

And Dean has nothing
better to do than complaining.

Wow, he’s seriously a

Sure, he’d love the
sensation of Castiel’s hands running gently over his skin, so warm
and soft, but at the same time he honestly can’t live with that brief
flicker of disappointment in Castiel’s eyes.

He just can’t.

“You know, Cas … I
actually never had a proper massage before.”

Castiel hesitates,
raising a brow. “What are you saying?”

“I mean, maybe you’re
not entirely wrong?” Dean grins shyly. “My body isn’t what it
used to be ten years ago and considering the life I live … I guess
a massage could do me some good. Why don’t we give it a try?”

Castiel assesses him for
a moment. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, why not?” He
pecks the angel once again on the lips. “I don’t wanna see all that
research go to waste, you big nerd.”

Castiel’s eyes light up
at those words. “Alright.”

Once more he goes to
fucking town without any hesitation whatsoever.

And, as expected, it’s a
goddamned torture.

Castiel pokes mercilessly
at muscles Dean either presumed dead before or didn’t even remember
in the first place. They don’t react very well to being awoken from
their slumber and show their displeasure by numerous waves of pain
that Dean more than once almost bring close to the brink of tears.
Everything aches and burns and he’s quite sure he’s gonna be bruised
quite soon.

But when afterwards
Castiel showers him with kisses and whispers sweet compliments in his
ear, making it more than clear that Dean’s willingness to give it a
try is making him fairly happy, the ordeal is more than worth it. He
falls asleep with a smile on his face and an angel singing a soft

And when on the next day
Dean wakes up without sensing the usual crick in his back and
realizing he feels better and more energized than he had in years, he
can’t wait to ask Castiel to do his whole massage magic again as soon
as possible.

Castiel merely smiles
smugly, the bastard, and answers, “It will be my pleasure. Under
one condition, however.”

Dean perks up. “And
what is that?”

“I’m going to receive a
massage from you in return,” he explains, smirking. “The kind you
were talking about last night. With all the touching and groping.”

Dean laughs aloud as he
pulls Castiel into his arms. “That can be arranged.”


“Hey, Cas? You awake?”


“I’ve been thinking… you’ve… never done this before, right?”

“I’ve attempted sleep plenty of times since my fall.”

“Jesus, no, I mean… a relationship. You’ve never been in one before.”

“This is a first for me, yes.”

“And you’re really old.”

“You’re not getting any younger either, you know.”

Hey – you know what I mean.”

“That I am as old as the earth. I understand.”

“…why now?”


“Yeah. You’ve had such a long fucking life, and you’ve only started dating now?”

“Well, that’s your fault.”


“I would have started a lot earlier if you’d only existed sooner.”


“Dean? Are you alright?”

“What? Yeah, I’m fine.”

“You’re sniffling.”

“I’m not.”

“You are.”

“I’m getting a cold.”

“Then come closer so I can warm you up.”

“Alright. Frickin octopus.”

“I love you, Dean. Thank you for existing.”

“I… love you, too.”

“We should get your cold looked at tomorrow. It sounds like it’s getting worse.”



Cas is a massage therapist and normally he’s really good with his clients, but one day Dean comes in (after being forced to go by Sam bc his back has been bugging him) and right from the beginning Cas is thrown off because Dean is hot and friendly and super chatty and most of the time his clients just shut up and let him get on with it. Dean does, but then when they get into the room, he takes off his shirt and every damn inch of his skin is covered in freckles and Cas has to turn away to keep from staring at him as he strips. So he sets himself to turning on the music and explains to Dean what he’ll be doing and when Dean lies down, Cas focuses himself and gets to work.

Only Dean isn’t quiet when Cas hits a sweet spot, and it’s killing him because he was never trained how to deal with his clients moaning under his hands – it does happen occasionally, but Dean is taking it to another level and when Cas apologizes for any pain, Dean just jokes that he likes the pain (a vain attempt to make it less uncomfortable) and it takes every ounce of Cas’ restraint not to comment on that and when he asks him to turn over Dean makes a sheepish sort of laughing sound and asks for a couple of minutes alone. Cas knows he’s hard and he just leaves without saying anything because if he does say anything, he’s sure to regret it so he goes and sits in the other room for a minute to calm down, and when he goes back and knocks on the door again, Dean says he’s ready so Cas goes in to finish up and he’s never been so thankful to get anyone off his table before in all the years he’s been doing this.

And while they’re finish up with payment and booking Dean in again (fuck his actual life) Dean makes a comment about that being the best massage he’s ever had and Cas, forgetting that he’s not quite out of the woods yet, instinctively laughs and says “no, buy me a drink and I’ll show you the best massage you’ve ever had” and for a second he’s mortified because holy shit this is inappropriate and obviously Dean understands the implications, but Dean doesn’t skip a beat before asking if he’s free tonight and Cas is thankful that it’s only the two of them here, because if anyone else was in the centre right now, he’d never live down agreeing to see a client outside of work – for drinks, no less – but he does agree and Dean leaves with a giant grin on his face, though not after not-so-subtly slipping Cas his number.

Cas has three more appointments that he barely makes it through thinking about what’s going to happen tonight, and then he goes home and texts Dean while he gets ready. Dean texts him an address and despite everything in him telling him he’s an idiot for agreeing to this, Cas meets him at the bar because Dean is hot and Cas hasn’t done anything fun in forever. When he gets there, Dean’s sitting at the bar in a pair of tight jeans and an even tighter shirt and Cas would fuck him right there on the bar if it wouldn’t get them kicked out – or worse.

So he goes over and Dean is very obviously checking him out – much to the apparent disappointment of the bartender he was chatting with a second ago – and Dean buys him a drink and they sit and chat. Cas relaxes after a little while and forgets how they ended up here because Dean is actually really funny and sweet and it’s doing nothing to dissuade him from doing something that will get them both arrested. After a little while, Dean pauses and turns to look at him all “so about that massage” and Cas makes a joke like “we probably shouldn’t do that here” and Dean slips off his stool and gets right up in his space and suggests they get out of here then.

So they head back to Cas’ because he has a legit massage table at home, only once they get there, Cas leaves Dean alone for five seconds and when he comes back, Dean’s smirking at him with a pair of leather cuffs in his hands. Cas struggles to come up with a good excuse, but Dean just walks over and asks if he ties down all his clients and Cas bites and stares him dead in the eyes and says “only if I need to.” Dean doesn’t say anything, but he doesn’t look away and when Cas asks if he wants to be cuffed, Dean just nods slowly and it’s so fucking hot, how could he say no?

So Cas asks Dean to strip down as much as he’s comfortable and when he turns back Dean’s wearing nothing but a pair of silk panties and he should have known Dean wasn’t going to make this easy for him. He gets Dean up on the table but it’s there’s not enough space to cuff him, so against Cas’ better judgment they move to the bedroom. Dean is fucking thrilled to find Cas’ bed is one of those fancy ass four-posters and while he gets on the bed Cas pulls out a whole different set of cuffs and cuffs his hands to the bed while mumbling about coming here for a massage table, but Dean doesn’t seem to mind one bit and when he cuffs his ankles, Dean wiggles in place and it’s all Cas can do to keep himself in check
so he gets the stuff from the cupboard and puts on some music (Led Zeppelin bc he thought Dean might appreciate it more than the ambient whatever).

So he climbs up over Dean he asks what he wants and Dean just responds with “anything you want, baby, my body’s yours” and Cas is stupid enough to just keep going, but he starts out simply, just working on his back, but Dean squirms and moans and pushes his ass up until Cas gets fed up and presses him down against the bed and he can hear the gasp before Dean freezes and when Cas mutters “stay still” and Dean does. And he doesn’t move, though when Cas moves down to his thighs, Dean shudders and groans into the bed and it doesn’t take a genius to realize that Dean’s thighs are insanely sensitive and since Dean’s been a brat this whole time Cas takes full advantage of this knowledge before moving back up to his back, running his hands over Dean’s ass.

And he’s so careful, touching him so specifically, and he knows Dean wants him and it’s starting to get to him and when he asks “can I do something?” Dean immediately agrees, breathlessly. When Cas’ fingers slip under the edge of his panties, his hips twitch just a little, until Cas presses them down again but then he stops and Dean turns to look back at him, and Cas pulls on the hem of the panties tugging them down over his ass. He’s careful about undoing Dean’s ankles and taking the panties off so they don’t get covered in oil and then he cuffs him again.

And Dean loves it when Cas massages his ass, groaning and mumbling into the pillow and he starts rambling about how good it feels and asking for more and Cas switches gears really quickly telling him to be quiet and when he doesn’t shut up, Cas threatens to gag him and Dean just groans more and still doesn’t stop. So Cas gags him, giving him a hand gesture to use if he wants him to stop and Dean nods his understanding before Cas goes back to work.

It’s difficult, bc Cas is hard just thinking about all the things he wants to do to him, but he doesn’t want Dean to know that, so he does his best to keep away from him, settling between Dean’s legs as he keeps going massaging his legs and back up to his ass and when he slips between his cheeks Dean whimpers and his hips jerk back and Cas shoves him back down and smacks him instinctively, and he freezes, but Dean is still and doesn’t make any attempt to stop him so he keeps going, trying to figure out how the hell he ended up here.

And when he presses his thumb against Dean’s hole he gets almost no reaction, so he leans down next to Dean’s ear and tells him he can make noise so long as he doesn’t talk and asks if he understands and Dean nods with a little whimper and Cas presses against him again. And as he presses deeper, Dean struggles to keep still, but it doesn’t take much to remind him who’s in charge this time and Cas is riding the high and by the time he gets his own cock out, Dean’s an absolute mess under him, panting and whimpering and Cas loves him like this.

So he leans over Dean again, letting his cock settle against Dean’s ass and whispers in his ear how fucking good he looks like this, how he should see himself all trussed up and aching to be fucked, and when he asks if Dean wants his cock, he may not be able to speak but Dean’s response is abundantly clear. But Cas pulls away and teases him for ages, rubbing his cock against Dean’s ass and his thighs, and when he finally pushes in, Dean’s whole body relaxes around him and he tells Dean not to come on the bed and Dean nods.

Cas fucks him slowly, letting Dean feel every inch of his cock before pulling out and uncuffing him from the bed. Dean gives him a look, but Cas knows what he’s doing and it’s obvious that Dean trusts him so he links Dean’s wrists together and pulls Dean up into his lap so his arms loop backward around Cas’ neck. It’s an awkward position, but Dean doesn’t seem to mind, and when Cas presses into him again, Dean arches off of him with a moan.

And when they’re done, after Dean has come twice and Cas gives in to the coiling heat in his gut, Dean is totally limp, rolling over and flopping onto Cas’ chest. Cas kisses him slowly before hauling Dean up off the bed and carrying him into the bathroom to get cleaned up. And once they’re clean and Cas can breathe again, he puts Dean to bed and finds a movie for them to watch and a blanket that’s not covered in oil and pre-come. Dean is much less cocky when he’s been fucked stupid, and Cas decides that maybe this wasn’t the stupidest decision he ever made – especially when he wakes up to Dean’s mouth wrapped around his cock.



ace incubus in search of sustenance

Rating: Teen
Words: 2,687
Tags: Incubus Castiel, Demons Are Known, Human Dean Winchester, Demon Castiel, Asexual Castiel (Supernatural), Asexual Character, Wings, Horns, Cuddling & Snuggling, Naked Cuddling, Kissing

Dean’s hand reaches to guide Cas’s chin into another kiss. This feels like the fore-warning to satiation, the promise of a rich meal to come, and Cas’s wings curve forward to hold Dean closer to him.

for @wingsandimpalas 


Dean waking up in the middle of the night because he is cold and he realizes he has moved far from Cas, who is hoarding the blankets even if he doesn’t sleep or get cold, he stares at the back of Cas’ head, shaking his head, before launching himself over the angel, getting his blankets back and also getting an annoyed groan, hugging Cas tightly to his chest and kissing the nape of Cas’ neck a couple times and sighing contently before going back to sleep.

dean and cas are coworkers and there’s obvious tension but cas tries to be professional for the sake of his career and resolutely refuses to date a coworker. but dean flirts and makes cas laugh and cas blushes every time. he overthinks everything he says and does around dean, and he hates how easily dean gets under his skin. despite all of cas’s best efforts for self control, he knows that dean will eventually wear him down.



and picture them eventually, once dean has finally worn cas down, being super gross and in love at the office christmas party. 


Fucked by an Angel

Here, have some bottom!Dean for all your smutty needs!

Pairing: Destiel

Word count: 703

Warnings: No plot to be seen for miles

Dean couldn’t think straight while being fucked. Cas had fingered away every word in his vocabulary, slowly working him open while the man below him lie a babbling mess. Amid the whimpers and cries, Cas was pretty sure Dean was begging to be fucked.

“I love the noises you make,” Cas muttered into his ear, his gravelly voice sending even more lust straight into Dean’s dick. “Tell me what you want, Dean.”

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