Edible ducks in a row

Posted at 10:59 am, December 16th, 2010

Okay, first, new recipe up!

I’m working on planning our holiday food. That takes care of Christmas breakfast. I need to take a survey of the family about Christmas dinner; it’s normally some kind of soup or casserole — something easy and filling. The past few years I think it’s been split pea. This year I’m considering lasagna, maybe…?

The other question is Cookies. I’m thinking

  1. Some sort of shortbready butter cookie with pecans in it, possibly half-dipped in semisweet chocolate
  2. Some sort of buttery, crispish drop cookie with colored sprinkles (I made a really nice refrigerator cookie a few years ago; I’m not sure but I think this is them)
  3. Something straight-up chocolatey, with nuts, maybe these or these
  4. Something candy-like, possibly these or these

If anyone has a good recipe for #1, kind of a Mexican Wedding Cake kind of thing but not rolled in 10X, please share. I’m thinking maybe these?

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  1. eli Says:

    My mother’s recipe was from Joy of Baking! My wedding/Sno~ball cookie recipe (from Mom – obviously from J.O.B.) is almost identical…but has 3 heaping tablespoons of confectioners sugar…I have never added salt, and it calls for 1 cup chopped walnuts. They are truly melt in your mouth delish. I never think they’ll turn out – but they always do. It all sounds good…I still haven’t come up with my list yet.

  2. Leila Says:

    I found an incredible recipe for pecan sandies ie Mexican Wedding Cakes, give or take the format, let me know if you want it.

    I also have a good -and easy- shortbread recipe.